Blue Ridge Literary Agency, LLC

(Please excuse our dust as a new website is created.)

Always Looking for Literary Stars!

Wish list:
Romances of all types, especially historical and contemporary (novellas too)
Mysteries of all types, especially cozy series with female protagonist told from one POV
Women's Fiction
Young Adult Fiction (Currently FULL of YA Fantasy)

NO SCIFI/Fantasy (even of genres listed above) at this time.

Wish List:  Romance Novellas and Romance Serials
                 Always looking for Amish Romances
                 Book-length Romances, esp. historical, contemporary and romantic suspense
                 Cozy Mysteries (one point of view with an amateur sleuth and strong series hook)
                 YA Suspense/Thriller
                 YA Contemporary

I will also consider the following genres of fiction:  inspirational romance and edge of your seat thrillers. If your fiction genre is not listed, please e-mail me to see whether I am interested before querying. 

I do not accept horror, literary fiction, historicals (other than historical romance or mysteries), poetry, middle grade readers, scripts, short stories, children's picture books, children's young readers, memoirs, nonfiction, vampire novels, or screenplays at this time. I don't represent many Scifi or Fantasy. Only genre fiction novels and romance novellas.  NOT accepting ANY story with a vampire.

If your book has already been published, please include the NUMBER of books SOLD to date.

If your word count is OVER 100K, please e-mail me first.

Read my interview on the Writers' Digest Guide to Literary Agents' blog.

Follow the instructions below to have your query considered!

Your manuscript should:

  • be edited and polished, Wait to send until it is completed.
  • be double spaced with 1" margins.
  • list the title, your name, how to reach you, the word count and the genre..
  • have chapters beginning on new pages with chapter headings.
  • NOT be told in omniscient point of view.  If it is, please do not query me.
  • If your book has already been published, please include the NUMBER of books SOLD to date, when it was published and who published it.

Submitting A Query

  • Only query manuscripts that are completed.
  • Send your Synopsis and 1st 3 chapters as Word (prefer .doc) attachments. Please send all 3 chapters in ONE document. (If you are submitting a Romance Novella or Romance Serial, please submit the first 3 episodes of a serial or the full novella.)
  • MUST send Synopsis and 1st 3 chapters as attachments for your work to be considered! (.doc)
  • Manuscript Genre (including subgenre)
  • Manuscript Word Count.
  • How you heard of me.
  • How many points of view tell your story, with the percentage each POV tells of the story.
  • Please provide your marketing plans for once your book is published.
  • Please send to
    Attention:  Mrs. Dawn Dowdle, Agent
  • If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours, e-mail to confirm it was received.